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Due to a combination of losing the last season to the Coronavirus, small audiences and increasing council costs, it is getting harder and harder for us to keep on bringing our show to communities around New Zealand whilst still keeping the ticket prices affordable for all families.

If you have ever enjoyed one of our shows and would like to see us continuing to tour around Aotearoa and bring the Circus to your town, please consider supporting us by doing one or more of the things below.


One of the best ways to support us directly is by making a donation into our bank account or Paypal via the details below. It’s ok if you can’t afford a lot, even just the cost of an extra ticket or tiny tot popcorn can help us. Every little bit adds up!

The Big Tent Limited


Social Media

Please follow, like, share, comment and tag us on social media. Due to social media algorithms it is sometimes difficult to reach our audiences in time. Every interaction with our pages helps to get the word out that we are in town, in turn leading to bigger audiences and happy people


Word of Mouth

They say word of mouth is the best advertising. If you have come to see one of our shows recently please tell your friends how much you enjoyed it.
When you see we are in a town with people you know, let them know about it.
If everybody who has enjoyed one of our shows told just 3 people about how much fun you had, so may more people would be able to enjoy the show just as much as you have!

See a Show!

The best and most fun way to support us is by coming along to see one of our amazing shows! Guaranteed to be a good time for the whole family, this way you can have the full circus experience with Popcorn, handspun Candyfloss and all the excitement of a great circus show in our beautiful Bog Top!
You can find more details about our upcoming shows here

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