What Acts will I see?

The troupe of highly skilled young Kiwi artists perform a dizzying array of acts, including  Aerial Tissu, Juggling, Roué Cyr (Simple wheel), Hula Hoops, Trapeze, Chinese pole, ,Clown routines , Object Manipulation, Aerial Hoop, Acrobatics and Adagio

What format is the show?

The show is based on a classic Circus/Vaudeville format presented in a ring withthe Ringmaster   providing continuity with a steady banter of classic one liners and short vaudeville routines such as Diablo, Hats, Cigar Boxes and more. Our aim is to
provide the audience with a “Fantastic contemporary animal free Circus in a beautiful classic big top”

What age group is the show suitable for?

The simple answer. All ages! Most acts run 3-5 minutes so attention spans are not over taxed. We try for a show that runs on different levels with aspects of the humor aimed at the adult audience alongside the many sight gags for the wee ones. With over 1500
performances so far, we have had great feed back from everyone from 3 till 93 and even manage to get a grin out of the most uninterested teens. Family concessions apply to any mixed age group.

What is the Performers Background.

One of Circus Aotearoa’s aims is to provide a ring to work in and a tent to work under for up and coming New Zealand and Australian circus artists. These talented and hardworking young Kiwi and Aussie performers’ are guided by and perform with and along side our more experienced and seasoned performers, all of whom have worked and shown in New Zealand and the world over.

Why Animal free?

Circus Aotearoa chose to be animal free, right from conception. While we understand that a Touring Circus of old, was one of the highlights of rural life,
filling many more roles than it does today for country populations. Providing for many, the only opportunity of ever seeing an exotic animal, of any kind. Those days have passed, and as society has moved forward, Circus has to, and should do the same.

How long does the show last and what is available to buy?

The show runs 90min and has a 10-15 intermission so total show time including intermission is 1 hour 45 minutes. Fresh Pop Corn and hand rolled Fresh Candy Floss along with drinks, lolly bags are available.

How do I book tickets?

Bookings may be made by using the online form, or phone and text bookings to 022 650 5325 or call into the site box office any show day from 10.00 am onwards.

Can I ask another question?

You sure can, just click here!

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